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Small Business Saturday
We have always supported small business over big box stores. Today I will shop local only for sure. We live in a small town, so local means small business. Our small business has been up and running for about a year and a half. The following is a testament from the past year plus in regards to small business from our perspective. When a customer thinks small business what do they think and imagine? Do they even care about the fact of being a small business, or is it just the product being sold, the price or the felling of getting a deal that inspires the purchase? I do believe that the average consumer has a misconception that business owners make great salaries and are better off than others. While this may be true, I would tend to believe that the average small business is a few months to a year away from shutting the doors. Most small business owners don’t have private jets for business leisure, many may not even have a company owned vehicle. What is it that makes small business owners remain? Speaking from experience only, it is the passion of their business. Many may know their customers by a first name basis. There is a connection between the business (owner and employees), the product or good being sold and the customer.
What most consumers do not see or maybe even realize is that most small business owners don’t work a 40 hour week. Speaking from experience, 80-90 hour weeks can become common. Most small business owners have their own money, maybe even life savings, backing the business. Most small businesses are supporting local communities by giving back through donations to local organizations, employing from the same communities. When you support local small business, I truly believe you are supporting local small communities. If you have taken the time to read this, please like and share and comment with a small business you like to shop with. If nothing else, just for one day a year, make it a point to support and patronize a local small business.

2 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday

  1. Thank you for your words of encouragement and what it takes to succeed. I’ve been a small business owner but in the wrong industry. I look forward to the struggles of success in the food industry. Also, you have a type-o (felling). Thanks again

    1. Steve,
      Thank you for your response. Best of luck on all your adventures.


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