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Shot in the Dark Pork Steaks

Shot in the Dark Pork Steaks
1 ½” thick cut pork steaks
Shot in the Dark How ‘Bout Them Apples Rub

Aluminum Foil Wrap
Apple Juice
Brown Sugar
BBQ Sauce

Coat both sides of pork steaks with apple rub, let set to room temperature (about 20-30 mins.). Grill/smoke pork steaks to 145 degrees internal temp. For wrap layer Butter, brown sugar and bbq sauce on foil, mix together. Lay pork steak on mixture, repeat mixture on top of pork steak. Add ¼ C of apple juice to each wrap, not pouring over the pork steak to ensure mixture does not wash off. Wrap tightly and return to grill. For Steam until tender (200 internal temp, or desired tenderness)

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