See this link for Downloadable 2020 Pro Staff Application

Pro Staff Sponsorship Application

Shot in the Dark will be accepting applications for Pro Staff Membership for the 2020 season from October 15-December 15, 2019.  Teams awarded membership will have an agreement for provided Shot in the Dark Rubs, Seasonings and Sauces for the 2020 Calendar year for competitions as well as being offered Pro Staff Member pricing for all products for personal or professional use.  Each team is asked to use, at a minimum, of one rubs, seasoning or sauce per meat competition and recommend for any ancillary competitions.  All accepted Pro Staff Members must uphold the highest traditions for BBQ, Food and the Shot in the Dark philosophy.  At Shot in the Dark, we bring friends and families together through bold, superior flavors.  Shot in the Dark is not only looking for Good Will Ambassadors to our Brand, but BBQ and cooking in general.  We want to appeal to all kitchens, indoor and out; to all cooks alike, from novice to professional.  Best of luck to all that apply and to a wonderful 2020!