Travis in IraqLong before Travis Bickings, Owner/President of Shot in the Dark Enterprise, LLC, had a passion for BBQ he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He served faithfully for over 20 years, deploying to Iraq twice, Hurricane Katrina Relief, Ukraine and Korea. He brings years of experience in the United States Marine Corps as a Food Service Specialist and Logistician which conveys not only the culinary arts, but also the leadership traits and the dedication to always succeed. The hands on education paired with the countless hours of research and development shall prove valuable beyond belief. Shot in the Dark Enterprise, LLC is 100% owned by this Retired Marine Corps Veteran and also a member of Veteranownedbusiness.com.

Travis Bickings, Josh Pobst and Jeremy Paschedag are Pitmasters/BBQ Extraordinaires for the Shot in the Dark Competition BBQ Team and Rubs and Seasonings. Their teamwork and dedication to the art of BBQ is rivaled by few. Through trials and errors and years of experience as their guide, they have co-authored their own resource, only referred to as “The Bible” or “BBQ Bible”. They use this and many other resources to take foods from ordinary to extraordinary.


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